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'Angels' Eyes' Gets Amazing Review from J.M. Brister

Here is a quote of the review:

Angels’ Eyes: A Survival Guide for the Deep State, human relationships, family living, and society by William Worthy is an intricately woven story that combines elements of romance, mystery, psychology, spirituality, sci-fi, and politics. This definitely isn’t your average romance story, but then again, this also isn’t your average book. It’s a piece of literature that weaves in multiple themes and a main character who one truly feels for. Though it isn’t quite the typical alpha male/HEA romance book I usually pick up, I will have to say that Worthy did a fantastic job with this story. Well done, sir. Well done.

Brian Worthy was given the nickname “Angels’ Eyes” by his grandmother, and this fits in nicely with the story, though I don’t want to start spoiling the good stuff. I’ll try to tread carefully. The story follows Brian’s entire life and focuses on his romantic relationships the most (there is a very specific reason for this). Meanwhile, there are deep, dark entities coming into play that hover around Brian’s life. The “Inception” program is alive and running well in the shadows, and Brian is one of its victims.

The author is a straight and to the point writer. The text itself is simple to read, but the concepts involved are extremely complex. Honestly, I feel like I probably need to do several read-throughs to give the book justice. There is just that much going on. The corrupt society thematic elements ring so true with what is going on in the news today that the book feels especially relevant and important.

Overall, Angels’ Eyes is a superb book. It is not for the faint of heart though as it involves sexual abuse, so readers who are sensitive to those issues beware. Even with this, I feel like it’s a necessary evil to have in the story. If you are looking for some brilliant writing and masterpiece-level storytelling, I would highly recommend William Worthy’s Angels’ Eyes.

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