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It is an absolute prerequisite that you read the previous book, “Angels’ Eyes” by William Brian Worthy before reading this book. You can get it at the following link: Without reading “Angels’ Eyes” you will not understand anything in this book. If there is any similarity between characters in this book and real people, it is just a bunch of coincidences. True love may contain more magic than a fantasy novel. This book is a living tale of our modern times, dedicated to true romantic love. Currently, this book is not complete. This book will continue to be revised until it is complete. Check back every two or three months to see if it has been updated. Perhaps this will answer the question in Tina Turner’s song, “What’s love got to do with it?” In the previous book, “Angels’ Eyes,” Brian was able to get the evil program to leave him alone. However, The Program was still influencing others. The angels could see what Brian saw. They were only authorized to protect Brian. They could not protect that which Brian could not see. So, to help Brian completely abolish the evil program, the angels sent something that would not be broken, nor influenced by The Program – their heart.


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