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Romance Authors Group

This is a group for Romance Authors to support each other, for discussing issues with writing, publishing, and marketing your romance book, for posting your Romance Novel Ads and sharing the posts of other authors. We can also help each other also by commenting on the posts of others, reviewing the works of others, and just giving straightforward encouragement, ideas, etc.



1) No political posts.

2) Add up to 1 NEW Book Ad post a day by posting the new post here. Share / Retweet the posts of others for that day (Last 24 hours). Just do this once a day or once a week. Like the ones you shared.


3) Like & Share / Retweet at will. If you do not like a certain sub-genre, you do not have to share it.


4) You can invite new members, but make sure you ask them first before adding them.


5) Post on your own timeline first, then share to the group. I recommend sharing your own post last for your online time so that visitors to your timeline see your own book ad first.

6) Friend or follow other authors in the group. You do not need to follow non-authors. The Facebook group is designed to maximize people that are browsing for Romance books. 

There is a Facebook Group and a Twitter Group.


Find the Facebook Group here: 

To use the Facebook Group, you must Friend Susan Castine Account ( ) AND DM her with a link to one of your published books.


To join the Twitter group, DM me at @WilliamBWorthy.


Additional rules for the Twitter group

Once you have been added, look for the "Romance Authors RT Group" in your messages. Click on it to enter. Romance Authors

Group Rules:

1) No political tweets.

2) Click the "i" with a circle around it & Follow everyone in this group. There should only be Romance authors in the Twitter group.


3) Add up to ONE NEW Book Ad tweet a day by copying the link to your tweet and put it in the group. To submit your tweet to the group, first make a new tweet (Do NOT paste the material for your Tweet in the Group chat), then copy the link to that tweet and paste the tweet in the group chat. To copy the link, follow these steps:

           a) Click on this icon on the bottom right of your tweet:


           b) Click on “Copy link to Tweet” in the following menu that comes up:


4) Retweet the tweets of others - just click on their link in the Group and retweet from that. Only retweet tweets from the last 24 hours. Leave an emoji when you are done so you know where you left off.

5) Like & Retweet at will. If you do not like a certain sub-genre, you do not have to retweet it.

6) New members must be added by @WilliamBWorthy. He will also need to add them to the retweet function. Susan Castine will search and retweet up to 5 tweets for each person that uses the #RomanceSG hastag. If you know someone that wants to join, refer them to @WilliamBWorthy.

7) Do NOT reuse previously submitted Tweets. Followers will get one queued tweet of yours instead of two.

By making a new tweet each time, all the Retweets keep advertising for you.


8) Since there is a limit to the number in the Twitter Group, You must participate at least once per month to stay in the group.

9) One of our accounts will retweet your tweet at the optimum time of 6-9 PM EST. To take advantage of this, you must use the hashtag of #RomanceSG. You can use this a maximum of 5 times a day, including your one group submission. When you use the #RomanceSG hashtag, also use a day hashtag like #Saturday or #SaturdayRomance. This will help in many ways. Twitter will refuse any identical tweets from day to day. If you fail to use a day hashtag, you could likely make an identical tweet that Twitter will refuse. Also, many people search by a day hashtag to find recent tweets.

Additional Note for the Facebook group.

When you apply to join, an admin will need to approve you and set you to have your posts pre-approved.  Friend or like the other authors in the group.  Non-authors are permitted to join, but they will not be approved to post or comment.  This will make it so they keep getting your shared posts going to their feed.  This group also gets advertised in searches since it is public.

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