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Angels-Eyes: Excellent Reader Review (4 Stars)

"Angels Eyes is different than my typical read. I’m glad I gave it ago.. because it took about a whole 10 minutes for me to feel deeply intrigued. I am a mom of two and usually in bed by 8pm. This read kept me up until early morning. The beginning took a minute to get my undivided attention. Once Thurston asked for the story of “that ancestor” things took off. Quickly the stories started meshing together and making crazy sense to me.

I found some of the story line really bizarre which I absolutely loved it. It’s the odd stuff that gets you thinking and feeling compelled to read on. I think There is twists that leave you wondering what will become of even the most innocent or boring situation.

William Worthy is a clean writer. Most scenes and conversations were simple and short and I appreciated how easy it was to create a picture of these scenarios in my head. However, just because Angels Eyes reads easy doesn’t mean it isn’t thought provoking; because it certainly is. My mind never turned off.

Worthy examines human relationships and depicts them in their rawest form. You’ll question the way people operate and how much society almost functions as a special operation. People are almost robotic under circumstances and I think this story and “The Program” is a neat but perplexing look at that.

Now, of course I must touch on the “angels.” They’re woven in this read in such an interesting way. I was skeptical to leap into the discussion of angels.. but this stuff will blow your mind. Worthy introduces angels whom act in mysterious ways. Working for people/families versus working for one certain person or principal.

Overall, such an interesting and different piece of work. I’d recommend." - Fallon

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